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We have designed our best-selling cloths with different herb patterns. These multipurpose kitchen clothes do the job and they are totally eco-friendly and reusable. So throw away those smelly sponges and switch to these. 

  • Made From 70% Cellulose (Wood Pulp) 30% Cotton And Is The Perfect Alternative To Sponges And Paper Towels.
  • These Kitchen Cloths Are Wonderfully Absorbent. They Last Forever And Are So Durable. In Fact, They Actually Can Absorb Up To 18 Times Their Weight. Amazing!
  • No Need To Use A Smelly Sponge Anymore. These Versatile Cloths Are Now Your Go-To Cleaner For L Your Kitchen Cleaning Uses From Dishes, To Stovetops And Tabletops. And In Your Bathroom, You Will Find Them Perfect For Cleaning Counters, Shower Doors, Mirrors, And Windows!
  • What Is Really Helpful For The Environment Is That These Are Biodegradable.
  • Hand Wash And Air Dry

Blue Print Kitchen Cloth

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